Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dreamy Peaches and Cream Tart~ Guest Post

Today I have a delicious guest post from one of my very good blogging friends. Enjoy!

Hi! I am Cydnee, owner and proprietor of Tampa Cake Girl. I bake cakes, pies, cupcakes and appetizers and deliver locally. You will find all kinds of recipes on my blog, not just desserts. I am honored to help my sweet friend Cindy out while she enjoys some family time. 

I believe this is my favorite thing I have ever created in the kitchen. I used fresh peaches and I know when peach season is over, I will be very sad.

Dreamy Peaches and Cream Pie
Tampa Cake Girl

Ingredients for crust:
1 box of shortbread cookies plus 1 sleeve from another box, I used Keebler Sandies
3 Tablespoons of butter, melted
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a food processor, crumble cookies to crumbs. Mix with butter until combined. Press into a tart pan with a removable bottom. My pan was 10 1/2 inches. If your pan is 11 inches, you may have to add a few more cookies. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Cool completely.
Ingredients for cream filling:
1 8 ounce package plus 4 ounces of another package of cream cheese
3/4 cups of heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon of almond extract
Refrigerate mixing bowl and attachment in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Beat cream cheese, sugar and extracts together until smooth. Add whipping cream and beat until soft peaks are formed. Spread into tart shell and refrigerate while you prepare peaches.
Peach topping:
5-6 large ripe peaches
6 ounces of Sprite or 7-Up
1/2 cup peach preserves
3 Tablespoons of honey
Pour Sprite/7-Up in a bowl. Peel and slice peaches and place in bowl. This will prevent them from browning. Melt preserves and honey in a saucepan. Shake off excess Sprite/7-Up from peaches and arrange on tart. Brush melted preserves and honey over fruit. Keep refrigerated. Enjoy!
Make sure you go visit Cydnee over on her blog Tampa Cake Girl. You can also find her on Facebook here

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blueberry Rhubarb Cake

Sweet blueberries and tart rhubarb at the star in this easy peasy cake.

Blueberry Rhubarb Cake- an easy and delicious summer cake recipe

We've been enjoying the first few days of summer vacation. Sleeping in, lazy days in the sun, water fights, staying up late has all been on our agenda since last Friday. Since school was out and Hubby had a few days off, we decided to head North to visit my parents. The kids and I are staying for another week or so, at camp with my parents to enjoy some fishing and swimming. Fingers crossed we don't get eaten alive by the mosquitos.

Before heading to camp, my Dad asked if Mom and I could whip up a Rhubarb Cake. Except this time he wanted us to add blueberries to it. So we got into the kitchen and made two of these sweet and tart cakes (Mom froze one for a later time). We changed the recipe up a little, since we had a few egg whites in the fridge, I used them in my cake, rather than a whole egg. We also didn't use as much topping as the original recipe calls for. The result is a moist, somewhat dense cake, studded with tart rhubarb and sweet blueberries.

Blueberry Rhubarb Cake- an easy and delicious summer cake recipe

Blueberry Rhubarb Cake

2 C chopped rhubarb
1 C blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 C shortening
1 1/2 C sugar
2 egg whites (or 1 whole large egg)
2 C flour
1 C buttermilk or sour milk

3 Tbs sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 C finely chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl, cream together the sugar and shortening. Add egg whites and mix well. Add flour, alternating with milk and mix until just combined. Fold in rhubarb and blueberries, and pour into a lightly greased 9x11- inch baking dish. In a small bowl combine the sugar, cinnamon and walnuts. Sprinkle over cake batter and bake for 45 minutes.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Simple Supper Tuesday #118

Welcome back to Simple Supper Tuesday, the party featuring QUICK, EASY recipes, perfect for those busy weeknights. So, please share your crock pot, 30 minutes or 5 ingredient recipes (easy desserts are also welcome)!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Grilled Chicken Parm Sandwiches

Tender grilled chicken cutlets are topped with marinara sauce and parmesan, then served on a bun.

Grilled Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches

It's the most wonderful time, of the year! I sing that song at least 3 time a year. On the first day of school, during Christmas and on the last day of school, LOL. Today is our last day of school and I could not be happier. Hubby keep reminding me that come the end of July, I'll be wishing school was starting up again. He may be right, but right now I just want to enjoy sleeping in and the gorgeous weather we've been having.

We've been grilling a lot since the beginning of June. It's a little hard to keep things fresh, especially with Queenie around, but I've been thinking of new recipes to make this summer. This idea for chicken parm sandwiches came about one night, as I prepared some chicken cutlets for the grill. My original plan was to simply grill up the chicken and serve it on a bun with desired toppings. Then I saw some leftover marinara sauce in the fridge and I decided to top our grilled chicken with it, and some parm. I just hoped the kiddos would like it.

I found our a few years ago, that the trick to juicy boneless chicken on the grill, is to cook it over indirect heat. I heat up the grill until is screaming hot, to get a good sear on the chicken, then turn off half the burners and cook the chicken on the grates that are not in direct heat. The chicken doesn't dry out, as it cooks to the proper internal temperature.

Grilled Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken Parm Sandwiches

6 chicken cutlets
6 Tbs garlic and herb seasoning (I used Pampered Chef)
1/2 C marinara sauce
1/3 C parmesan cheese
6 slices mozzarella cheese (I used some from the deli)
sliced tomatoes
green leaf lettuce
hamburger buns

Preheat your grill until screaming hot.

Season chicken with garlic and herb seasoning, and place on hot grill. Cook until chicken releases easily from grates; about 5 minutes. Flip chicken and place on one half of the grill. Turn burners beneath the chicken off, leaving remaining burners on medium high. Cook, with the lid closed, until chicken reaches an internal temperature of 162 degrees F.

Once chicken reaches desired temperature, top each cutlet evenly with marinara sauce and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Close lid and cook for another 3-5 minutes; until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

Serve chicken on buns, with mayonnaise, mozzarella, lettuce and tomato.