Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My friend Tami tagged me

7 Weird Things About Myself

  1. I can wiggle my right ear and it freaks people out.
  2. I believe in ghosts and have seen a few. It freaks me out, so I've asked them to leave me alone.
  3. I love to top a few Tbs of brown sugar, in a bowl, with heavy cream and dip fresh bread in it.
  4. I don't like to drink coffee.
  5. I hate hamburgers and any form of ground beef.
  6. I refold laundry, after Hubby has done it.
  7. I slept with my baby blanket, until I was 23 yrs old, and would still, if Hubby would let me.

Here are my 7 tagged friends ( I don't even have 7 blogger friends :s )
Judy, Danielle and Jenn

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Tami said...

Ah! I forgot to list that I can wiggle both my ears! I also slept with my teddy bear (the one I got my first Christmas when I was 9 months old) until I was married. I then put it away...until Christopher was born. He never took to it, so I reclaimed it. :p I could easily substitute it for a small pillow, but I have a hard time sleeping without holding onto something like that.