Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hot Cocoa Santa Bags

This is another beauty from Baby Center's CFYF board. Let me tell you these little guys gave me quite a headache. I mentioned them to my girlfriends, and then mentioned making some for one of them. Well, let me tell you...... first I couldn't find the darned piping bags anywhere. After 3 days of searching, I finally found them last night. Guess where???? Super Walmart! Not Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but freakin Walmart!! Then I couldn't find the chips anywhere, but lucked out a Target. So I have my order ready to complete and let me tell you these are really easy to make and look so darn cute. I've yet to try the cocoa/ pepermint chip combo, but think it'll make for some YUMMY hot chocolate.

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Hot chocolate santa's

Here is how to make them:

White Almond Bark
Andes Peppermint baking chips
Hot cocoa mix
Plastic disposible decorator bags
Heavy duty spoons
Holiday ribbon
googley eyes

Melt white Almond Bark and dip a ton of plastic spoons (use HEAVY duty spoons) sit them on wax paper to harden... I lined a cookie sheet with waxed paper so I could cool them faster in the fridge.
Open a decorator bag and add 1/4 cup (about) of the Andes peppermint things. Then put 1/4 cup hot cocoa into a sandwich bag and twist to seal, tuck the excess behind the bag. Shape into a circle... add to the decorator bag to make the face. Next add a small handfull of marshmallows, then the dipped spoon, add more marshamllows to support the spoon and make the beard. Tie off with a pretty ribbon. glue a Pompon to the tip of the bag and eyes to the face. Add a sticker (printed on labels) to the back with the following instructions...
Mix contents of the bags with 8 ounces of boiling water, use the enclosed spoon to stir well. Enjoy your Santa Cocoa!

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