Friday, March 27, 2009

Anyone up for the challenge??

I'm in a real food rut right now. I'm on meds that make me ravenous, but nothing appeals to me. Plus Mr.B hardly eats anything I make for dinner, which is just adding fuel to the fire. So my challenge for you is to send me your favorite go to meals, so that I can try them. They could be fancy or simple I really don't care. Share your favorite, I'll try them and post them here on my blog. Send them to mommy_of_love1@hotmail.com with recipes in the subject line. Thanks!!!

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Jaymie said...

My go to meal that d/h loves!

Plop pork loin roast etc into crock pot. dump 1/2 bottle of fav bbq sauce ontop. set it and forget it. lol
right before ready to eat drain out bbq sauce liquid then shred pork then add rest of bottle of bbq sauce smother fresh bun with pork mixture and enjoy. :)