Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, I'll be gone for a while.......

As I've mentioned in a previous post, Hubby is no longer working at Chili's and we've taken this as an opportunity to move back to Canada. I am over the moon, since I miss my family so much. It'll be good to spend all the holidays and special moments with them again. I always felt so left out, because my parents, brother, sister and their families would celebrate and I could never join them. Well, now it will be possible. Hubby has taken a job offer as a Manager for Dave and Buster's. Once he is trained he will become Senior Manager of their Toronto Ontario concept. It takes so much stress off of us, to be moving toward new employment, rather than being in limbo.

At the same time I am terribly sad to be leaving all the great friends I have made during my 4 yrs here in Middle Tennessee. I have found an amazing group of women, that have made my time here wonderful. I found them on Baby Center, a month after Mr.B was born. I was in a new country, new city, with a new baby and did not know one living soul. Over these past 4 yrs, we have grown to know and love one another. If it weren't for these wonderful women and mothers, I'd most likely be in a mental institution. Words cannot express how they have changed my life. I am a better person for knowing them.

So this is my final entry for a few months. The kids and I will be staying with my parents, while we try to find a house in Southern Ontario. My Dad is very old fashioned, so they do not have a computer, LOL. Plus I'm sure my mother will be doing most of the cooking, although I plan on lending a hand anyway I can. I'll take photos of new dishes I make, and will post them once we are settled into our new life in Canada. Thank you to all the readers and followers. I appreciate you taking the time to see what I'm up to. See you sooner than later, I hope.



Jackie said...

I hope you have an amazing move and I'm so glad you get to be back with your family! I have a friend up that way, so if I ever make it up there, I'll give ya a call! While you are gone I'll try to make some of your recipes :)

Lori said...

awww!!! Awesome! Im so glad you get to move back with your family! I will miss your posts! Check in when you can and have a safe trip!

We Want Tessert said...

Miss you already! 'Hope your trip was safe and uneventful.