Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've been sent another award!!! I knew my slaving away in the kitchen would come to some good, LOL.

Thanks so much to Judy over at The Bashas, for giving my blog some props and a shout out. The award is the Honest Scrap award and the rules state that I must share 10 honest things about myself and pass the love around. So here goes....

  1. I often wonder what ever possessed me to become a mother.
  2. If I didn't have kids right now, I'd be having cereal for dinner.
  3. I look forward to the days that Mr.B is in school, so I can have some alone time, while Queenie is sleeping.
  4. I tell myself everyday that I should exercise, but I'm just too darn lazy.
  5. I purposefully forget to buy new batteries for the kids toys.
  6. I'm really craving a huge slice of chocolate cake right now.
  7. I sometimes regret moving back to Canada.
  8. I'm secretly hoping Queenie has a high spirited child, so she can know what it was like to raise her.
  9. I want to go back to school and maybe become a hairdresser/ make up artist.
  10. I really need to work on my patience and temper.

Here are the rules

Say thank you and give a link to the presenter of the award.

Share “10 Honest Things” about yourself.

Present the award to 10* other bloggers whose blogs you find brilliant in
content and/or design or to those who have encouraged you.

Be sure to tell the 10* bloggers chosen that you are giving them the Honest Scrap award and provide the guidelines for them.

*Or a number that you can reasonably accomplish in whatever mental/physical state you're in.

My Shout outs

Ms. en Place http://msenplace.blogspot.com/ ( love to see what new Cajun foods she'll cook up next)

My Kinda Rain http://txmykindarain.blogspot.com/ ( she always has the inside scoop on coupons and giveaways)

I'm the Mama! http://namolloht.blogspot.com/ ( we need more updates on you guys and C!!!)

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