Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday


Happy Monday! We just spent a wonderful 3 day weekend with Hubby home. It was great to have some much needed family time and I got a few nights off, on the cooking front. This week shouldn't be too stressful. Hubby is off again on Tues/Wed and we have a friend coming for dinner on Wed. I'm looking forward to Hubby's homemade Ravioli, in a blush sauce. One of my favorites so far. So here is my menu for this week. In no particular order....

  • Kraft Mac'n'Cheese, with hot dogs and peas
  • Chicken Paprika with buttered noodles (new)
  • DH's homemade ravioli with tossed salad
  • Great Northern Bean soup with Garlic Cheddar Biscuits (new)
  • Leftovers (2X)
  • Spaghetti and Meat Balls

Once again I'm participating in the Organization Junkie's Meal Plan Monday. So head on over to check out tons of other meal plans.


shopannies said...

wow married a chef and still doing most the cooking that is a bit of a switch

Hun said...

Yup, I thought I had won the jackpot, but he is just so tired of cooking when he gets home, or works evenings. He does spoil us on his days off though, LOL.

Hally said...

Laughing, because my DH thought it was hilarious that I put a weekly menu on the fridge. Not that we're OCD about which days we have which meals, but at least all the meals are planned out enough that either of us can start 'em up when the kids get crazy hungry.
Is it equally wrong that I do my meal planning on Sunday?:)

Hally said...

ps....am trying your baked potatoes in the crock with a half rack of ribs. :)