Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

OK, so technically it's Tuesday, so sue me, LOL. We had a very busy and exciting weekend, with Mr.B celebrating his 5th Birthday, on Saturday. We didn't do much, due to me not feeling well and Hubby's hectic work schedule. Regardless, Mr.B enjoyed his lunch with Gramma and his Aunt Shannon. Our house is now over run with Star Wars toys, but it's all good. This week proves to be a busy one as well, with my mother in law still here, the kid's check ups and Hubby's birthday on Wed. Our good friend is coming to help us celebrate, and is bringing a cheese cake, so I get out of cake duty, LOL. I'll still be making the Colossal Candied Cookie Cake, since the kids do not like cheese cake. So here is our menu for the week. Hopefully I don't run out of steam by Thursday.....


Monday- Hubby's Chicken and Dumplings
Tuesday- Ham, scalloped potatoes, broccoli and homemade rolls
Wednesday- White Pizza, Cheese Pizza and tossed salad

rest of the week in no order

  • pasta fagioli with fresh bread
  • Italian Chicken, in the crock with angel hair pasta
  • Leftovers

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