Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Plan Monday: April 26

Good morning! I'm a bit late this morning, since Hubby and I decided to go browse the sales at Canadian Tire, after dropping Mr.B off at school. We picked up some silicone bakeware for 50% off. Deals like that make me happy. This week is somewhat busy. 4 appointments in the next 2 days, so this week's menu will be simple. Highlights from last week include Gyro burgers, so keep an eye out for that this week. So here is our menu this week.


  • Monday- take out pizza with a salad
  • Tuesday- Honey Pork Oriental with rice (new recipe)
  • Wednesday- Homemade waffles, bacon and fruit salad
  • Thursday- Bean and Cheese Enchiladas with Zucchini con Queso (new recipe)
  • Friday-Ricotta Stuffed Chicken (new recipe) with mashed potatoes and veg
  • Saturday- leftovers
  • Sunday- Creamy Beef Stroganoff (new recipe)

Head on over to Organization Junkie, to check out more menus for this week.

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Leah said...

Am looking forward to the recipe for the Ricotta stuffed chicken, it sounds delicious already :)