Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello my fellow foodies!! Just wanted to quickly update you all. My surgery went very well and I've been home for a week now. We did have a minor scare the first night home, since DD decided to jump onto my abdomen. After a trip to the ER, the all clear was given and I've been resting at home (bored out of my noggin). Hubby and my Mom have been chasing me out of the kitchen everyday, LOL. I really miss going in there and cooking. I know I need to wait a few more weeks, before I can really start in the kitchen again.

Surprisingly, my post ostomy diet isn't very challenging. I think the fruits and veggies are what I miss most. Since I have to avoid any seeds, skins, nuts and whole wheat/ whole grains, I'm a little limited as to what healthy foods I can eat. I have fallen in love with avocado mayonnaise though. I just mash my avocado and add about 1/4 C mayonnaise to it. I eat it on everything..... sandwiches, crackers, Melba toast. Thank goodness vegetable juices have evolved over the years, since it makes it easy to get in my recommended servings without causing a blockage in my stoma. I've been getting Mom to make some new recipes, but we keep forgetting to take pictures, so hopefully I'll remember and be posting recipes again soon.

Thanks again to all who have sent prayers and well wishes!!!

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