Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spider Web Cupcakes

Relaxation. It means a lot of different things, to different people. To some, a nice glass of wine, can be relaxing. To others, a good movie, favorite snacks and the knowledge that the kids are in bed and sleeping, can be relaxing. For me, it's baking. Sounds crazy, since usually when you're baking, you're on your feet, making somewhat of a mess. For me the measuring, mixing and creating is the ultimate relaxation. My family laughs at me, because I bake when the kids are away, or asleep. Other people would take a bubble bath, or watch TV, but I love to bake.

It doesn't hurt that I get to eat, what ever sinfully sweet thing I've created, but we'll pretend that I don't even take that part into consideration.....

The other day, Mr.B was at a friends house and Queenie had yet to return from my parent's house; so what did I do? You got it! I went into the kitchen to make up some cute Halloween themed cupcakes. I made some Skeleton cupcakes and I also made some spider web cupcakes. I shared the spider web cupcakes with my neighbor, who now calls me Martha. I just loved seeing their 3 yr old's face light up, when she saw my creations.

Mr.B thought they were pretty cool too!


Spider Web Cupcakes

1 C sugar
1/2 C butter
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 C flour
1/2 C milk
orange or green food color (optional)
1 can vanilla frosting
black food color

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a cupcake pan or line them with paper liners. In a medium bowl, cream sugar and butter. Beat the eggs in, 1 at a time, then add the vanilla. Combine the flour and baking soda and add to the creamed mixture. Mix well. Stir in the milkand food color (if using), until the batter is smooth. Pour into prepared cupcake pan and bake for 25-30 minutes. The cake should spring back when slightly touched. Cool completely.

Scoop out 1/4 C of frosting into a pipping bag, or Ziploc bag. Add black food color, mixing well, until desired shade is achieved. Frost cooled cupcakes, with black frosting. Using the white frosting, pipe 4 circles, starting from the outter edge of the cupcake, making smaller circles, as you get closer to the center. The top of your cupcake should look like a target. Taking a toothpick, slowly drag it through the frosting, from center of cupcake, to outer edge. Repeat 7 times, around the cupcake, to create the web.

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Jacqueline said...

Hopping over from Cupcake Tuesday!What beautiful cupcakes. I have wanted to make these all month but haven't gotten around to it. Yours are beautiful. My niece just killed a black widow yesterday so these would be great to give to her - (yuck!)

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Those look look really cute. A few years ago I made a cake with a spider web like this but used orange icing as the base. I know the kids love this kind of stuff, but I'm sure you and your husband liked the cake part of it. :)

Thanks for sharing your idea with everyone.

HoosierHomemade said...

Very cool! Love how you used black instead of white frosting.
Thanks for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!

Brenda said...

OMG Cindy, you're REALLY good at this! First the skeleton cupcakes and now this. Wow! Those spider webs are perfect. I bet your kids loved them! :o) If I ever need any cake decorating done, I know who to call (because I'm totally useless at it). You're amazing!

M @ Betty Crapper said...

Those are awesome. Those webs are perfect.

I've tagged you in an internet game. Don't feel obligated to participate if it's not your thing.

Christy said...

so cute! thank you for linking these darling cupcakes to tuesday night supper club

Cindy said...

Brenda- Thanks! I use to work night shift at Country Style Donuts and they sold a donut that used the similar technique as the webs, so I've had a ton of practice. Dh is the real cake man, LOL. I'm going to post his cakes on my FB page, you should drop by to see them.