Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meal Plan Monday~ Dec 6

Happy Monday!! Well, we seem to have gotten all winter's snow in one day. I swear, it snowed about 2 feet of snow, yesterday. The kids loved it, but me not so much, since I had to clear the driveway, so Hubby would be able to pull in. I knew our snow free month of November was nothing but bad news, LOL.

There's quite a bit going on this week. It's my nephew's 22nd birthday today. He has requested a chocolate orange cake, so Hubby and I will be working on that. Then, Hubby has another cake order due Thursday, for a double birthday; and it's a long school week too. So, we'll be busy little bees..... hopefully I can get some more Christmas baking done as well. So, here is our menu for the week, pretty good considering I'm using freezer, pantry and fridge items.


Head on over to OrgJunkie.com, for tons of other great meal plans, for the week.


Hally said...

Hun~We made ButterNut Squash 'fries' last week, and they went over pretty good with the kidlets. Are this week's ribs, the crockpot ones? :) Those are a winter favorite here. Happy Winter!

Cindy said...

Ooo squash fries; interesting! Yup, the crock pot ribs. Hubby had them a few months ago and really liked them. Not too sure why he hasn't had them before now, LOL.