Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Warm-up Soup

Soup, is there anything better on a cold miserable day? Not in my book. This winter has been exceptionally difficult this year. We've had weeks of non stop blizzards, and more snow days that I can remember. So when I'm stuck in the house, trying to stay warm and keep my spirits up, during winters best; I turn to soup. It's one of my favorite things to eat.

Growing up, for the whole 40 days of Lent, we would have soup on Fridays. Since we couldn't eat meat, my Mom would make the same soups, every Friday. I say soups, because she would make pea soup, for herself and my Dad and corn soup for my siblings and I. I think this was the only time in my life that I hated soup. The pea soup looked weird, so none of that for me. The corn soup wasn't much better. (Sorry Mom!) The way I recall it is, cans of creamed corn mixed with water and rice. Not my ideal bowl of soup.

Don't get me wrong, my Mom made wonderful soups. Tomato noodle, cabbage soup.... all were tops in my book. I'm really not sure why she kept going back to our Lenten soups of choice.


When I first saw this recipe, I was a bit apprehensive. After all, it is a pea soup. It not being green, greatly improved it's appeal and ham sealed the deal, LOL. You know, for a pea soup, it's really tasty. Even Hubby, who hates peas with great passion, will eat this soup. It's creamy, a bit tart, sweet and salty. On occasion, if I have a ham bone in the freezer, I make ham stock and replace the chicken stock with that. Either way, it's a keeper.

Winter Warm-up Soup
Adapted from Readers Digest
printable version
1C dried yellow split peas
3C chicken broth
1/2C chopped onion
1C each: corn, carrots (chopped) and ham (cooked and cubed)
2C milk
salt and pepper to taste

Boil peas in broth, for 2 minutes. Let stand 1 hr. Bring back to a boil and add ham and vegetables. Simmer 1hr. Add milk and warm through.


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Sense of Home said...

Soup is a favorite winter food of mine, so warm and comforting. Your soup looks very good!


Miz Helen said...

Your soup looks so creamy and warm with wonderful vegetables. I just love a soup like yours. Thank you so much for bringing it to Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

thriftycheapskate said...

your soup looks great. Now I love Pea soup but corn soup no thank you and I love corn

Sandra :) said...

Sadly it's so cold here (argh!) that we needed some winter warming up! The soup was delicious - thanks for a great recipe!

Cindy said...

After a beautiful week of warm temperatures we're freezing here too. Thanks so much for trying the soup and I'm very happy you enjoyed it!