Monday, April 4, 2011

Meal Plan Monday~ April 4

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend, with plenty of sunshine and
tolerable temperatures. The kids and I enjoyed plenty of time outdoors
and made our first trip to the park.


The next few weeks, I'll be doing a freezer/pantry challenge. We really need to
get our bills paid, from Christmas, so I will only be buying fresh
produce, milk and eggs. The rest of our meals will come from the
freezer and what we have on hand in the pantry. I must say, it'll
still be some pretty good eats. In no particular order

  • PW Sour Cream Noodle Bake (new recipe) and a salad
  • Grilled mac & cheese with pulled pork sandwiches (new recipes) and sweet potato fries
  • Parmesan shrimp with pea and Parm rice
  • Waffles and fruit salad
  • Corn dogs, fries and broccoli
  • Ribs, baked potatoes and bean salad
  • Leftovers
Head on over to OrgJunkie.com for more great meal plans!


Lindsey said...

Your menu sounds fantastic! I'm impressed you can get most of that out of your pantry :-)

Amy said...

Your menu for the week screams YUMMY to me! :) Thanks for sharing.

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