Monday, April 25, 2011

On the side~ Week 2 of my Journey to Becoming a Real Woman

Last week was side dish week, for the Real Women of Philadelphia contest. Sometimes I think the sides are the best part of the meal, especially if they involve cheese. And 'Philly' is cheese, so I felt right at home. I was ambitious and was able to get 3 side dishes submitted this week. Now I wish I could just figure out why my camera is so temper mental, so that I can stop having to re film segments. In my Savory Cream Cheese Scone video, my camera decided to stop filming while I was forming the scones. I didn't notice until the next morning, when I tried making my video ready for the competition. Not wanting to have to make 8 more scones I sucked it up and just taped a segment of me apologizing and explaining how I formed the scones and baked them. I'm hoping the flavors and originality will be enough, to make them over see my blunder.

My Creamy Ranch and Bacon Green Beans, went more smoothly. My camera must have been in a good mood that day. Creamy, tangy and full of fresh herbs, the green beans are superb.

This Wednesday, the first 2 finalists, selected from the 1st appetizer round, will be announced. Everyone, over at RWoP, is on pins and needles to see who the first 2 lucky contestants will be heading to Toronto, this summer.

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