Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Desserts....

Last week was dessert week, at the Real Woman of Philadelphia contest. I was super excited, since I LOVE dessert! If I could eat dessert all day and not gain a pound, I would. Dessert in my house, can be a very BAD thing..... even if it tastes SO good.

I went ahead and submitted 3 videos, of some wonderful desserts. The first is of a Pouding Chomeur (Poor Man's Pudding). It's a wonderful cake floating on top of a nice sweet syrup. I was able to incorporate some Philadelphia cream cheese into a childhood favorite.

My second video featured an original recipe that I created. One of my favorite breakfasts is stuffed french toast, so why not turn that into a dessert. My Stuffed French Toast Sundaes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

And lastly, a wonderful light and airy Coconut Cream Pie Mousse. So elegant, yet so reminisant of coconut cream pie.

This week, we've started from the begining again, so I've been thinking of yummy appetizers. I hope the judges will enjoy the last few tricks I have up my sleeve!


MM said...

You are really in your element with desserts! I have to say, making french toast in muffin cups is an awesome idea. Love it!

Brenda said...

Cindy, I'm trying to get caught up on all the posts I missed while I was away. Can't wait to check out your dessert videos. I, too, could eat dessert all day, every day. Good luck!