Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update: My Journey to Becoming a Real Woman

The two last finalists for the appetizer round were announced yesterday afternoon. Alas, I was not picked, yet again. I'm still very hopeful though. I'm becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. I last left off with my dessert entries from round 1, so I guess I will post my appetizers from round 2.

My first entry was some wonderful Southwestern Potato Skins. Sweet BBQ sauce topped tangy Philadelphia Cream Cheese, mixed with green onion. Add in some BBQ chicken, cheddar cheese and bacon and you're in heaven.

Next was a wonderful Chickpea Dip, inspired by one of Hubby's favorite snack. Wonderful hummus made with Herb and Garlic Philadelphia Cream Cheese, topped with a Philadelphia Cream Cheese/goat cheese topping, studded with roast red pepper and fresh thyme. Served with homemade pita chips, it's sure to be a hit.

And lastly, the Petit Pates au Saumon, which I posted last week. This week is entrĂ©e week and entries are flying in. With my parents here and appts, I haven't had the time to get into the kitchen filming.


Melynda said...

The best of luck to you! I have been amazed to watch all of you compete. I have zero comfort in front of a camera, so you are fields ahead.

Jeanine - The Baking Beauties said...

Keep at it, Cindy!! I haven't filmed my entree yet either, thank goodness we have until Sunday. Definitely looking forward to the dessert week again though. :)
You rock, girl, don't forget that!!

Cindy said...

Thanks ladies!

Jeanine- I already have 2 dessert videos ready to go, LOL. You rock too, lady !!