Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Journey has Ended

Well, the judges have spoken and I have not been chosen as one of the Real Women of Philadelphia finalists. Though I do not agree with many of their choices for the finalists, or their decision not to pick me; I must say that the experience has been amazing. I just loved being able to 'host' cooking segments in my own kitchen. I mean who doesn't pretend to have their own cooking show, while making dinner?? This gave me the opportunity to fulfil one of my fantasies, LOL. For a look at all the videos I submitted click HERE

It has also given me the opportunity to re discover just who Cindy was. For years, I've lost myself in being Hun, or Mommy and was starting to forget who Cindy was. What excited me, other than watching and helping my children grow and strenghtening my relationship with Hubby. This contest let me rekindle my passion for cooking and creating new and exciting recipes.

Here is a list of the finalists, linking to their winning videos.

  1. Andrea Greico
  2. Leeanne Bayley-Hay
  3. Angela Amati
  4. Audrina
  1. Candice Meighan
  2. Elise Copps-Smith
  3. Miriam Borys
  4. Sue Faber
  1. Lyndsay Wells
  2. Danielle Abray
  3. Mandy Cmoc
  4. Elisa Hendricks
  1. Lisa M
  2. Laurie P
  3. JoHanna Hyde
  4. Kristen Eppich
So, there you have it. The 16 Canadian women, who will be competing to become the 4 Real Women of Philadelphia.

On a side note, I did win a ticket, to attend an event during cook-off week and will be able to meet some of the wonderful ladies that I've become so close with, during this journey. Though I am disheartened by the loss of the competition, the chance of meeting such amazing, supportive, talented and fun ladies brings a smile to my face. So, keep an eye out for my post about our Real Women of Philly soiree!!!


MM said...

Sorry, Cindy. I was pulling for you and thought you should have won the whole thing with your Stuffed French Toast Sundaes.

Brenda said...

I'm sorry too Cindy, but so excited I get a chance to meet you and hang out with you at the dinner on July 6. Looking forward to it!

Melynda said...

What is amazing is how you put yourself out there, for everyone to see and yes judge. You are brave to do that (because that is something I KNOW I could never do), and although you did not reach the finals with your great food, you prize of rediscovery of Cindy is a very sweet prize indeed! Congratulations on your journey.