Monday, November 28, 2011

Meal Plan Monday~ Nov 28, 2011

Happy Monday!!

I know I didn't post a meal plan last Monday. We had to leave very early for the hospital, since Mr.B had his tonsils and adenoids removed. And to tell the truth, with all the stress and anticipation over the surgery, I really couldn't wrap my head around planning what we would eat for the week. Especially since I didn't know how quickly Mr.B would recover from surgery and would be ready to eat again. He really isn't eating all that much yet, but I'm hoping that changes this week.


Queenie is coming home today! She had been staying at my parent's house, while Mr.B was recovering. I just knew it would be too stressful with him not being able to do much and Queenie pestering him. All I have to say is that we've all been pretty miserable with her gone. Especially Mr.B. He may sometimes seem like his sister gets on his last nerve, but he truly loves her and enjoys having her with him. So, since Queenie will be home as well, I really need to figure out what to make this week. Here is the plan

  • Pasta Fagioli with homemade bread
  • Porcupine Balls with brown rice and peas
  • Bacon Ranch Chicken (new recipe) with mashed potatoes and corn
  • Pate au Saumon (Salmon Pie) and a spinach salad
  • Bacon Cheese Burger Meatloaf with Crispy Smashed Potatoes and Honey Roasted Squash Rings (all new recipes)
  • Easy Black Bean Veggie Casserole (new recipe)
  • Leftovers 
Don't for get to head over to OrgJunkie.com, to check out other great meal plans for the week!

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    Robin said...

    I'm going to try your Pate au Saumon. I have some canned salmon I want to use up. It sounds good. Thanks for sharing your menu plan. Have a yummy week.