Monday, September 10, 2012

Meal Plan Monday Sept 10, 2012

Happy Monday!!


Well, it's the second week of school and both the kids are loving it. Queenie had her first official day on Friday and did amazingly well. Her teacher wrote a letter for us JK parents, with a few lines describing every student. She said Queenie was very kind and gentle and so pleased to be at school. I love that the teacher took the time to do that for us parents, it's something I will love to look at, as she grows and remember such a big day in her life. Mr.B loves his teacher and I am pleased with who he got this year as well. As, a volunteer, I've talked to a few teachers and love that I can get a vibe from each one. His teacher is always smiling and attentive when she accompanies them outside for dismissal, it makes me feel like she is invested in her class.


This week will be my first week, of being home alone, on Mon and Wed. My nephew recently left for Alberta and I got a small glimpse into how I will feel when my kids leave for college. I am proud of him, but at the same time am scared and worried. I waited until he left, before shedding a tear and will miss having him with us. I haven't really made a menu for this week yet, so please forgive me if this one seems a little incomplete.
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