Monday, September 17, 2012

Meal Plan Monday~ Sept 17,2012

Happy Monday!!!


Well, we are half way through the month of September and the cooler temperatures have been toying with us. We will have a few glorious cool and breezy days and them Boom! It's hot as heck again. Not that I am complaining, because I will take summer over winter any day, but I'd like to have a bit of Fall weather. I'm longing for comfort food, for warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, for fuzzy socks and warm sweaters, to snuggle on cold nights with hot chocolate. It's my favourite season and I want it to last longer than it does, LOL.


This week, we don't have a whole lot going on. Hubby and I do have a golf date with our BFF. I'm going to drive the cart, since I don't golf. Hubby suggested I try golfing, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to humiliate myself with a bunch of strangers around..... you never know though, I may try it. It's a short week for Queenie, who only has school on Mon and Wed, so I'll be trying to think of fun outings on her days home from school. She is totally loving it though, so that makes me very happy. I'm hoping to have more time for dinner this week. Here is what I have planned

  • Tuna Cakes with Mushroom and Kale Penne
  • peameal bacon sandwiches with sweet potato fries
  • Smothered Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and green beans
  • waffles with fresh fruit
  • Chiard (brought over from last week)
  • roast chicken Caesar salads
  • leftovers
Head on over to OrgJunkie.com, for more great meal plans!!

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