Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's for Eats, this Week~ January 6th

Betcha you're surprised to see a meal plan from me, aren't ya? With the holidays I felt so over whelmed with everything I had to do, that meal planning may have put me over the edge I was standing so close to. Now that the year is over, and a new one has begun, things have slowed down and I can focus on meal planning once more. Something that I am trying this New Year, is to cut our food budget, by at least $50. That may not happen, with the rising food costs, but I will try none the less.


This week, I've had to be creative, since I haven't shopped BIG in a few months, so our supplies were low. I bought only what we really needed, mostly things on sale and am planning around that. I did luck out and find whole turkeys at $.99/lb, so I bought a 10lb turkey. We missed out on turkey over the Holidays, so now we get our turkey and I can use leftovers for AT LEAST 3 more meals! Here is the plan for this week

  • Baked Beans (crockpot) with fresh bread
  • Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, pepper squash
  • Sweet and Sour Turkey Balls with oven fries and mixed veggies
  • Turkey Spaghetti with garlic bread and salad
  • Turkey and Rice Soup with biscuits
  • Pizza with salad
  • Leftovers


Kathy Moody said...

Hi! I love your blog. Your newest follower from Let's Get Social! Have a wonderful week. :)

Kathy @ lifeonlakeshoredrive.com

Susan Knapp said...

Sounds yummy! Where do I go for the recipes?