Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's for Eats: Feb 10, 2013

I've been putting off making my meal plan all day. One reason is limited groceries this week and another reason is, I just wish someone else could cook once in a while, LOL. Though I LOVE being in the kitchen, I sometimes get burnt out trying to organize dinner, week after week. And with it being Valentine's week, I feel like I should be making fancy meal after fancy meal..... not gonna happen in this house, this year, LOL

Hubby will be off for Valentine's Day ( I know! I was shocked too, LOL), but we'll be celebrating at home. With Mr.B's birthday party in 2 weeks, we're pinching pennies. Why is it, the older kids get, the more expensive their parties become? Sure we could do the at home party, but lets face it- Hubby and I are living vicariously through our kids. So, we've booked the party room at a nearby arcade/laser tag place down the road from us. Should be fun, but will be costly. That means a tight budget in every other aspect of our lives, so here is my dinner plans for the week

  • Crock pot Italian Chicken with Mozzarella, with pasta and salad
  • Panko crusted sole with lemon thyme rice and lemon scented broccoli
  • Goulash with garlic bread
  • Leftovers
  • Hubby's ribs and baked beans (converting to crock pot)
  • breakfast for dinner- eggs, toast and fruit salad
  • leftovers

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spring chick said...

It is easy to get burned out...However, your menue for the week looks maotivating!