Friday, July 18, 2014

Guest Post- Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom Pasta Salad

Hello Everyone, 

This is Alyssa from Cooking From A SAHM. I'm here doing a guest post for Cindy :-) I hope she's enjoying her time off. She's a good friend of mine so I'm happy to help out. This Pasta Salad recipe is amazing...and a great idea for summer. It makes a lot so you can even have it as leftovers. Know what? Its EVEN BETTER the second time around.

Pasta Salad
Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

1 Box of Elbow Mac
2 Cans of Black Olives
Green and Yellow Peppers Chopped
1/4 pound of Ham off the bone (chopped)
1 Bag of Pepperoni
1 Block of Colby Jack Cheese cubed
1 C. Chopped carrots
1 Small container of Wish Bone Italian Dressing

Boil your noodles. Then in a strainer put them in and spray them with cold water. You want the noodles cooled off. Then put them in a large bowl. Add your black olives, peppers, ham, pepperoni, cheese, carrots and then your Italian dressing. I do it to taste. So I add some, stir, taste and then add more if it needs it.  I find it better to do it in small amounts rather then pouring the whole thing in. Put it in the fridge and chill. It is always better the second and third day.  ENJOY!!!

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Lynnette Moore said...

I love pasta salad and could eat it everyday! This one looks great Lyss and Loo Hoo! Nettie