Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Guest Post~ Cooking from a SAHM Sundried Tomato Basil Ranch Wedge Salad

Hello, this is Alyssa and I'm from Cooking From A SAHM. I'm here helping Cindy out with a guest post. I hope she's having fun. Today I'm bringing you a great summer recipe. It's Sun Dried Tomato Basil Ranch Wedge Salad. This is sooo good.  I hope you'll try it and enjoy it.

Guest Post~ Cooking from a SAHM: Sundried Tomato Basil Ranch Dressing

Sun Dried Tomato Basil Ranch Wedge Salad
Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

8 Basil Leaves
3-4 Cloves of Garlic
4 spoons of Sun Dried Tomatos in Oil
2 T. Dill
2/3 C Mayo
1/2 Cup Buttermilk
1/2 Cup Sour Cream
1 Tsp Salt
2 Tsp Cracked Pepper
1 Head of Lettuce
In a food processor or blender put your garlic in and mince it really fine. Add basil and run it till it is all chopped with the garlic. Then add sun dried tomatoes. Blend it or process it till it is nice and small. Set it aside.
In a bowl add your mayo, buttermilk, sour cream, dill, salt and pepper. Mix it well. Then add your sun dried tomato basil mixture. Mix it really well.
If you want to do the wedges slice the lettuce into wedges. I added Cheddar Jack cheese. This will keep for a couple weeks or more. Take your lettuce and cut it into small wedges. Drizzle with ranch and cheddar jack cheese.

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Judee @ Gluten Free A-Z Blog said...

I love a lettuce wedge with a great dressing. Looks absolutely delicious