Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's for Eats? Sunday Sept 7th, 2014

Meal planning is a great way to save money on groceries and you won't be standing in front of the fridge at 4pm, wondering what to make!

Meal Plan for week of Sept 7th, 2014
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We are on to week two of the school year, and I think we've settled back into our routine quite nicely. No one complained about having to go to bed earlier, or get up earlier. By Friday though, the kids and I were beat. 

Hubby has 4 days off this week, which is perfect, since he's battling a man cold. He's been so busy at work preparing their huge football season launch, rolling out a new menu and changing all branding due to a new logo, that he's worn himself out. We missed him last week and wish he could have been part of the excitement. So, this week will be all about relaxing and getting better. Knock on wood the rest of us don't catch his cold!

I'm bringing over a few dishes from last week, that I didn't make. With the weather being so HOT, it was hard to get into the kitchen. The beach was way more fun, LOL. So here is my plan for the week.

  • Lobster Pot Pie, Lobster Mac n Cheese and leftovers (I'm reviewing the Lobster meals for a company)
  • Salmon Stroganoff (new recipe) with tossed salad
  • out to dinner
  • Oven roast whole chicken with potatoes and carrots
  • Shake N Bake Chicken Drums with roast potatoes and butternut squash
  • Spanish Potato and Green Olive Soup (new recipe) with homemade Italian Bread
  • leftovers

I'm sharing this meal plan over at OrgJunkie.com

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