Sunday, November 23, 2014

What's for Eats? Sunday November 23, 2014

Meal planning is a great way to save money on groceries and you won't be standing in front of the fridge at 4pm, wondering what to make!

What's for Eats? Menu for Sunday November 23, 2014
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Happy Sunday! Well it looks like winter is here to stay. I was really hoping our first snow would melt and that we'd have at least another week or so, of no snow before Christmas. I am just thankful that we do not live in Buffalo. The amount of snow they received in two days is crazy! Thankfully all of Hubby's family is safe and sound. 

There is only 31 days until Christmas. Are you ready? I totally am not. We did start our Christmas shopping early, which is very unusual for us. We still have a bit left to get and I still haven't shopped for hubby yet. I am relieved that we are spending a nice quiet Christmas at home this year. With the crazy weather we've been getting, I am leery of traveling up to my parents, or down to Buffalo to Hubby's family. We'll be safe and sound in our little house, LOL. 

We don't have anything planned for this week. Hubby is working all week long. This time of year is busy for him, with Christmas parties and events. I am hoping to get our Christmas tree next Sunday, so I have to get the house ready for that. Here is what I have planned for this week

  • Baked Black Bean Empanadas with Spanish Rice (new recipes)

Cheesy Potato Wedges- http://www.hunwhatsfordinner.com/2014/02/potato-wedges-wilton-armetale-grillware.html
Cheesy Potato Wedges

Chili Corn Dog Casserole- http://www.hunwhatsfordinner.com/2014/01/chili-corn-dog-casserole.html
chili corn dog casserole

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