Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's for Eats? Sunday November 9, 2014

Meal planning is a great way to save money on groceries and you won't be standing in front of the fridge at 4pm, wondering what to make!

What's for Eat's over at Hun... What's for Dinner? Sunday November 9, 2014
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Not sure if I'm entering hibernation mode, or what, but I've lost all motivation in the kitchen, the past few weeks. If it were up to me, we'd eat take out every night, but that's not in the budget. I just don't like winter. As a blogger, I dislike it even more. I have to make dinner at 3 pm, if I even want to entertain the thought of getting shots in natural light. That paired with the constant rain and dark skies, is making it really difficult to take great photos. Add that to my hibernation mode and I'm a basket case. I'm sure a lot has to do with being emotionally drained by the loss of my grandma. It hit me hard and my heart is still trying to heal.

I'm not sure what plan we have this week. I do know that after being away for two weeks, I'll be helping in Queenie's old kindergarten class. We also have parent/teacher conferences, so I need to plan an easy meal for that night. Other than that I'll just keep swimming, so as to not feel like I'm slowly drowning. Here's what I have planned this week (I'm bringing a few meals over, since I haven't made them yet)

  • Caprese Pasta (new recipe) with Bread Machine Garlic Bread
  • leftovers
  • Lemon Spatchcock Chicken (new recipe) with roast potatoes and butternut squash
  • pancakes and bacon with fresh fruit salad (pears, apples, orange segments, banana)
  • leftovers

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Small Town Girl said...

Do you have a recipe picked out for your caprese pasta? I have one with chicken that I'm really proud of it you're interested :) I hear ya on the dark part of the year. I don't even get home until 4 so I'm using house lighting now. Ugh!