Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Make Mealtime #SAUCESOME with Ragú®

Disclaimer: “Ragú® sponsored this blog post. All opinions and text are my own”

In 2015, Ragú® is celebrating the magic of everyday mealtime.

A big part of our dinner routine is that we all sit at the table for a family dinner. No matter what we are eating, we sit, talk and joke around, telling stories and recounting our favourite parts of our day. It is a way for us all to reconnect in a world where playing outside with friends, or playing video games has become such an important part of growing up. When I was growing up, my family did the same thing. It didn't matter if Dad was working afternoon shift, Mom, my siblings and I all sat at the dinner table as a family.

With our lives being so hectic, due to the end of school, dinner time has become my favourite part of the day. I love hearing the kids tell silly stories from school, knock knock jokes, or any other crazy thing that pops into that big brain of theirs. Of course having Daddy home is always more fun than not, because he's always thinking of new ways to tease his little minions. That's what makes our dinners so #SAUCESOME.

Dinner isn't complete until we all retell the funniest moment of our day.

You are probably wondering what Saucesome is, right? Saucesome is mealtime magic. That time you can let your hair down and be silly with your kids, while enjoying a wholesome meal. It's sharing secrets and wishes for the future with your kids. It's hearing their ambitions, dreams and goals, and hoping that they all come true. It's celebrating life, togetherness and family. It's Saucesome!

This year Ragú® is bringing mealtime magic back, and that is #SAUCESOME! Whether it's a fun family tradition, that secret family recipe, or those silly moments on crazy weeknights, Ragú® sauces make dinner time Saucesome. Ragú® has always been a brand that I have been familiar with. My family loves the Ragú® Old World Style® Traditional Sauce. With it's combination of sweet and savory tomatoes and spices, it has a delicious taste your whole family will love. Plus there is two servings of veggies, in every jar! That's why Ragú®'s authentic Italian taste is such a big part of our wholesome family dinners.

Always so eager to dig in!
Make sure you visit Ragú®'s Saucesome Sweepstakes page for a chance to win a variety of #Saucesome prizes. Or if you are stuck in a dinner rut, you can find tons of delicious and wholesome recipe ideas on both Ragú®'s Facebook and Pinterest pages. For more #SAUCESOME dinner stories like mine, make sure to check them out on Twitter @RaguSauce and don't forget to include the hashtag #SAUCESOME, to share what makes your mealtimes magic. 

Now what are you waiting for? Make your mealtime magical with the help of Ragú® and show your family how Saucesome you can really be!

Ragú is celebrating everything that makes family mealtime #Saucesome. From unique recipes to silly moments to crazy weeknights…we want to hear it all.

Do you have a recent #Saucesome moment or recipe? Share below!