About me

I'm a working Mom, to 2 wonderful children, that loves to cook and bake. It relaxes me and allows me to break into my creative side. I was married to a Chef for 13 yrs, thinking I had it made and that I would be dinning on 4 star meals every night. I quickly found out that I would have to learn to cook, if I wanted to eat more than cereal and Kraft Dinner. Spending so much time in the kitchen with my Mom growing up, gave me the basics I needed in the kitchen. By watching Food Network TV, I learned skills and techniques and found a passion for cooking.

Through my journey I've fallen in love with recipe contests and I've been lucky to have won the Rising Star award, in the first season of Real Women of Philadelphia Canada. I've also been published in the RWOP season 1 cookbook and in several Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. In Sept 2012, I won first place in the Canada's Baking and Sweets Show- Home Baking Competition, for my Apple Cinnamon Struesel Muffins. In 2013, I was a repeat winner with my Marble Bundt Cake, as well as winning in 2014 for my Broccoli Cheddar Scones.

Last year I had the opportunity to do a local TV cooking spot and loved being in front of the camera! I enjoy working with brands I love and sharing my love of good food, food related products and recipes with my readers.

Mr.B- my first child. His thirst for knowledge and his quick wit keep us on our toes. He is growing up to be a caring young man.

Queenie- She is our whirlwind girl. Full of energy and sass. She knows what she wants when she knows it. Sweet as honey.


Amanda said...

I love your blog!!! Super cute!!!! And everything looks super yummy! Already obsessed!

Cindy Hunwhatsfordinner said...

Thank you so much Amanda! Hope you keep visiting often :o)

Amy said...

Love your blog...
I am your new follower
Have a great weekend!!
Amy-Food Corner

Cindy Hunwhatsfordinner said...

Thank you so much Amy!! I look forward to seeing you here more often. Off to check out your blog :o)

queenminable said...

I too am the wife of a Retired Chef! I thought when he retired, and I retired too, I'd have it made. Guess what? He said, "No way, I'm not cooking, I'm retired!".. So, it's just the two of us, since our grown children are gone. I Don't like to cook. But, I want to try your simple recipes! I cannot imagine where you find the time to do ALL you do, you're young, I guess that's your blessing! Thank you for sharing.. mina <3

Stephanie shurtleff said...

I just wanted to say i love your blog! I am a sahm mom of two children, also married to chef. I too have found that it's not as "tasty" as most would think. I do 99% of the cooking and have gotten some wonderful ideas from your blog, as well as your "dinner till call" on Facebook.